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Some good potential things going today.  A lot of work done for a “holiday.”

I got a lead for getting a Plumerai song a television placement & the band was on the ball for getting me the needed lyrics, so that’s nice.  If it happens I’ll probably end up let down by the quantity of money & exposure.

I got a thing that looks like it’s going to work out for physical distribution in France.  The company is promoting the Christmas comp to help start some buzz before picking up releases.  So, we’ll see how it works out.

I did some follow up emails today for the Northern Valentine & Hotel Hotel & I got about 50% response back as opposed to on normal days I get 20% response.  So now I know that holidays are when to do follow up for record reviews.

I need to still work on the comics & I have a Small Life Form show tomorrow night at the Nightlight that I haven’t really practiced for yet.

Oh yeah, here’s the biggest news.  Remora‘s new seventy minute piece Ensoulment is out now on Ping Things & available for free download here.

Tell you more tomorrow.

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