not the shape

Spent the day just catching up on emails as I’ve been neglecting them for a couple days just working on the Christmas comp stuff.  So now that’s caught up & I realize I’m way behind on follow-ups again.  Working is like work sometimes.

Have a couple little typos that people caught on Winterizing & I’m about to fix those.

I need to find out how to add Google Analytics to my site so I know if the ads I placed are working (I hear it works better than the normal analyzer I use (Weblog Expert), does anyone know if that’s true?).

I tried to do some pull ups today & realized I’m letting myself get out of shape.  I used to do twenty & stop because my hands hurt, now my arms hurt at three.  I guess I have been letting myself atrophy for several months.  Maybe my heart is smaller too.

I wrote a brief synopsis on the life of the lead character from xo (big secret, he is sometimes called xo)  for Melissa Gardner (who draws it).  Looks like I might be able to get it done in about 101 issues.  So maybe before I die at the rate things are going, or maybe slightly after….

Got invited to do a few art exhibits today (three exactly, but a few sounds better).  So I guess maybe I need to knock some paintings out in the next two weeks.

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