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Got some things worked on today.

Wrote up the first & second drafts of the Lotte Kestner press release.  Tried to make it pretty minimal to fit the music.

Cut up & folded a bunch of stuff for the Remora: Mecha inserts.

Did some layout for Extreme Lost Kisses to give Nick Marino an easier time drawing it.

Did some layout for the collaborative comic between my nephew & Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn, Cops & Crooks).  I’m always excited about the idea of doing something for someone that essentially no one else in the world would do.

I tried to talk to my grandmother about Pow Wow (it’s a folk magic from eastern Pennsylvania) because I know that her husband was somehow tangentially involved with it & she went into a tirade about how that it was something no one my age should know about & no one since her grandmother’s day believed in it & I should never mention it again.  Wow.  Seems like some sorta story that no one knows is lurking there.

I recorded some demo stuff last night.  It’s interesting how at one point I was really comfortable writing lyrics & had trouble writing guitar parts & now it’s the other way around.  I really have trouble finding a lyric I can hold on to as worth my breath lately.  & a lot of the songs I’ve done with lyrics lately are just a repetitive hook (hip hop style).  I think part of it is before I was writing so many comics (& blogging so much for that matter) the lyrics were the only way to get story & emotional ideas out of my head.  & I have come to the conclusion over the years I should tell a story in the way to best share the ideas of it & I think the lyrics just aren’t the spot right now.  Or maybe I’m just out of the 1000 bad songs that they say everyone has to write & writing the good ones is much more difficult.  It’s a nice idea, but I hardly think I’m done writing horrible songs….

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