Mecha, ATC, PRs, Summer Solstice, Father’s Day

Put together the first batch of Remora: Mecha.  I’ll get it up for sale on the site soon.  I still need to assemble a bunch more.

Finished the layout for my nephew’s comic & I’ll print them out for him tomorrow.

Got the go ahead on the press releases I wrote for The Wet Teens & Lotte Kestner.  Have to design them next.

I just filled out an application for a grant for the ATC project so I’ll be able to pay contributors.  I’m hoping it comes through.  But who wouldn’t hope that?

Doing some recording with Ted Johnson tomorrow for his Summer Solstice jam series.

It just flipped over to Father’s Day & it makes me think about why me & my father have such a not-so-good relationship.  I think the real answer is that I am not satisfied with where I am in my life & I’m projecting that on to him as disapproval.  I know that when he hears things about me going on tour or appearing at a comic convention or having paintings in a gallery or getting a grant from the government that he thinks I must be doing something right even if he doesn’t personally get it.

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