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I spent a lot of the day doing some more research on blogs to service.  I also figured out how to use Alexa to find webzines I should service & went through a bunch of those.  About eight hours working on it for about 10 new possible contacts.  I think it’s definitely getting to the point where my research time would be better spent just working on creating more music/comics/etc.

Just A Man got excepted for distro on a digital comic site.  Kinda excited about it.  We’ll see how it works out.  It seems there’s a lot of these digital distro places popping up (much like there is in music) & it’s hard to tell the useless ones with good web design from the ones that actually have clients who buy the content they provide.

Entered Just A Man & the Vlor video into a film festival.

I was listening to an interview that said that social networking is responsible for generating less than 10% of music purchases & 30% of direct music sales are generated from emails from labels/bands.  So I’m wanting to do some more things with getting more email addresses from fans to send out the 4 or 5 emails I do a year about new releases.  So I wanted to add a little contest page for free downloads or whatever in exchange for entering their email & such.  Unfortunately I’ve tried about a dozen free scripts that are supposed to do this, but none of them worked.  I know someone is going to tell me to use FanBridge or something, but I’m really dumb about wanting something where I have absolute control over things & not going third party.  So if anyone has any suggestions for what to do for getting a submission form that would work that doesn’t use a computer’s email program (not a “mailto” command), please let me know.  Also does anybody know if I do something with a mailto command on MySpace do they rearrange the code so it doesn’t work on pages of my popularity (they do that for Paypal links which is lame)?

I did some more recording on my “secret project.”  Did a first mix down as well.  So we’ll see what I think about it.  I probably won’t do a final mix of it until August.  I think it might be released as “Brian John Mitchell” instead of Remora or Small Life Form.  Even compared to Small Life Form it is very “this is about sound & the way it works & effects human beings” & maybe makes sense to have my name on it.  But then again putting my name on my music makes the “real” version of “me” exist even a little less than it already does.

Tonight kicks off PD Wilder‘s tour with a San Francisco show with Sarah June & Carta & Summer of Glaciers.  Seems like what I should be doing.  Or at least I should be able to fly across the country to see a show with three bands on my label.  Maybe one day….

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