In Late.

Fell asleep before writing this last night….

Got the print layout for Marked #2 done & printed out the first run.

Cleaned up the collaborative song I worked on & sent it off.  It’s one of those things where it’s not precise or perfect, but I’m never happy with my work in that regards.  It’s recorded at the proper BPM so I figure he can cut up my bits to make them perfect if he wants to.

I’ve been thinking of writing a whole Remora album in the style of “Nevada Smith.”  Assuming I ever get back to writing/recording finished products instead of just having 100 demos on my cell phone.

Got out this week’s follow-up emails for Sarah June & Carta.

I’ve been thinking about how a lot of reviewers don’t want to do digital downloads because they say the only pay they get for the review is what they get from selling the CD after they review it.  I wonder how they’d feel about me sending them the $4 they get paid for the disc & I save the $4 of sending it to them (manufacturing costs plus shipping).  On the one hand it feels shady, but on the other hand it makes sense & seems fair enough.  I sometimes wonder if having CDs in the used bin is a way to advertise or a way to say “nobody likes this.”

Recent Dream:
My nephew died & everyone in my family seemed to just be saying “it’s no big deal, it happens.” & I was walking around screaming, “He’s fucking dead!  It’s a big fucking deal!”

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