Video Sadness & Work to Do.

So I heard back from the promo company for the Vlor video.  They need $2700 & while the break down of it is that $2700 is a completely fair price for their service (it includes adding closed captioning & putting it in the required formats & duplicating for 100 markets) I just can’t justify it.  Really sucks.  Reminds me of how tiny Silber really is.  Maybe if I’d kept my day day job & my day-trading had kept working out I could’ve personally eaten the loss, but as it is… just beyond my range of investment.

Had a problem with the website I actually solved on my own.  It was caused by letting a Twitter feed fill a table in Internet Explorer.  Now my page is a little clunky in IE, but better than a few days ago.

Did the first layout for Marked #2.  Still have to print it out & check it & do the layout for mass production.

I got my mom this time lapse camera thing to use with her plants (& that maybe I could borrow for weird video stuff) & its quality leaves a little to be desired.  First off it didn’t come with an SD card?  (But it did come with batteries which I suppose is equal value these days.)  Then it’s not intuitive to get to work & the instructions don’t address issues like “How do I get this to make videos instead of just still images?” (isn’t that the point of a time lapse camera?).  Then it looked like crap on the HD TV.  Granted I didn’t use it in the outdoor light it is designed to work in.  If I can right my own instruction book for it, then maybe it can make it as a functional gift.  I wasted way too much time working on that.

Finished up my research for the next MySpace marketing campaign.  About 7000 people I think would be fans of Silber who I’ll be mailing soon. Bella Union has a thousand more friends than Silber & I think I should be able to pass them for weird indie with the most MySpace friends.  Though I’m really not sure it helps anything at all.

Going to try to do some recording for a collaborative piece I was asked to do vocals for.  We’ll see if it works out.

Got some bits for trying to work on making my own acoustic based effect units, not sure when I’ll actually have time to do it.  Speaker into xylophone bar into contact mic & I don’t know what it’s sound quality will be.

Herad back from the guy drawing the Mecha comic that it’s almost finished.  It’s interesting because he asked for details to finish it up that I wouldn’t think of.  Like he wanted the main character’s name & if you read anything I write, main characters never have names.  Why?  Because names disassociate you from identifying with a character.  At least that’s my theory.

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