Got the art for the Just A Man promo comic.  I gotta hand it to Andrew White for getting comics done quickly.  If I had my act together he might be able to crank out 50 issues of Just A Man a year.

Did some research towards places in France to push Silber.

Made a big dent in doing my paperwork for my taxes.  It’s a little sad because 2008 & 2009 had about the same income, but there were a lot more expenses in 2009.  But I guess that’s true with a lot of businesses.  I have to get the paperwork done for the end of the first quarter as well.

Planning on getting a bunch of things done for adding the back catalog to the digital download store.  I sometimes hate the tedious work, but I have to keep in mind that if I’m going to continue to have a record label, I need to do things that aren’t the fun side of music.

It looks like I’m going to be doing a few more remixes in the fairly near future.  I’m starting to have fun doing that kind of thing.  It’s satisfying to have a completed thing ready over the course of a single day instead of the idea of doing an album & working on it for a year & maybe no one ever hears it anyway.

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