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I feel like the B12 might be working as I feel like I had another productive day.

On the Silbeer front, today I was working on a Honey Mead (Silbeer 002) & Fermented Root Beer (Silbeer 003) (which I’m thinking of calling “Weaponized Root Beer” or “Fully Realized Root Beer”).  I’m hoping everything tastes good.  I thought with the mead I’d be able to make it on the chip, but honey is pretty dang expensive & I think if I dig it I’ll have to find a way to get it in much higher volume.  I also finished up with cleaning up the empty bottles for the first batch.

Talked with Melissa for XO today & the artwork for the new issue is supposed to be in the mail tomorrow.  I also was discussing some ideas with her for a few future projects, we’ll see what comes to fruition.

Got in a few more interviews in for QRD & proofed them.  Just waiting for two (that I know of) to come in.  So the Monday launch still seems on schedule.

I finished the layout for my nephew’s Star Wars comic.

I got the final draft for Lost Kisses #21 laid out in boxes so I can draw it.

I also spent a couple hours looking for more comic book reviewers for my promo list.

I put up a review of Armored Trooper VOTOMS on Finally Checking It Out.

Here’s a promotional video about Jamie Barnes new praise EP that is doing well in the Christian music charts:

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