I treat you like a machine because you are a machine.

So I finished printing the comics today.  The sampler has one less story that I’d hoped for due to time constraints & I’ll get that changed around when it comes in.  Probably have to print some more when I get home & have more toner.  My printer is complaining that it’s worked to hard & I tell it, “I treat you like a machine because you are a machine.”  I don’t anthropomorphize machines; I mechamorphize living things.

I talked to Bob Freville a bit today about the possibility of doing a Hemo soundtrack once things get set for the film to be licensed & released.  I guess I just want too much stuff on my mind.

Right now my plans for the next ten days are to assemble all the comics, get the final mixing/mastering & artwork done for Remora: Mecha, encode the back catalog for the download shop, send out final waves of promo for the Carta & Sarah June, send out the promo blast for the music videos, send out the comics for review, finish re-working the website, work on recording my super secret piece of music, shoot a couple videos, write some comic scripts, work on some questions for QRD interviews, work on mixing the record with my son.  So the usual.  I need to get some things off of my to do list.

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