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So I got in the Cops half of the artwork for Cops & Crooks & tweeked all the artwork & got the layout done & that printed today.  Printed out a bunch of other comics today & ordered new toner.  Not sure if I have enough in my house to print the number of comics I wanted.  I think it’s about 350 more comics I want to print.  Assembling them is going to be awesome as well.

Talked to Nic Slaton (slicnaton) about trying to do another Small Life Form versus slicnaton recording session.  Last time we had a bit of issues with tons of clicks in the recording, but I have since figured out ways around that problem.  So this time out it should work well.

I’ve been noticing that since I put up the new releases available as digital albums for $5 that I haven’t seen an increase in sales, but half the sales of these releases are the downloads.  So it turns into number crunching time to see if I’m screwing myself:
Digital Sale through Silber
$5 – $0.50 (Paypal fee) = $4.50 income
Digital sale through traditional outlets (after all fees)
$5.79 (iTunes), $5.38 (Amazon), $3.57 (eMusic), $0.003 (Spotify album play)
Domestic Physical Sale:
$12 – $0.65 (Paypal fee) – $0.25 (bubble mailer) -$1.73 (shipping) – $3.25 (cost of disc after all expenses) = $6.12 income
International Physical Sale:
$14 – $0.85 (Paypal fee) – $0.25 (bubble mailer) -$3.96 (shipping) – $3.25 (cost of disc after all expenses) = $5.59 income
Distributor Physical Sale (aka retail)
$8 – $0.10 (packaging) – $1.00 (shipping) – $3.25 (cost of disc after all expenses) = $3.65 income
But of course there is the catch of going to the post office costs $3.50 in mileage on my car (7 miles round trip).  So I still feel like the $5 price point is approximately fair to me & more than fair to the fans.

I wrote half of a script for a new comic called Vigilant.  It’s loosely inspired by a documentary I saw today about a group of teenagers in the UK terrorizing child molesters by doing things like cutting off an arm & lighting houses on fire & smashing heads with bricks.  Supposedly crime in that town has dropped over 50% since the kids started being their own police force.

I counted it up & I’ve gotten 14 mini-comics actually finished & printed in one year (since SPACE last year).  I feel that’s a pretty decent record.  I plan to beat it next year.

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