Got a lot done today.

Packed up my stuff for going to SPACE tomorrow.  I think I might take some Silberspy masks to take photos there.

Sent out follow-up emails for Sarah June & Carta (it’s been ten weeks since the promos went out, so it’s about time to stop on that).

Sent out the emails to video outlets to promote that stuff.  We’ll see what happens.  One place wrote back about wanting to use the one Aarktica video but wanting it to have Closed Captioning on it.  I have noticed this requirement before & been confused by it.

Assembled about 50 mini-comics.

Bought new rotary blades for my paper cutter.

Talked to a fellow label owner who has taken an interesting twist on the digital only route.  He takes the $2500 he would spend on a physical release & gives it to the band as tour support for them to do a month long tour.  Wow.  That’s probably a good idea, but I’m still a little scared of the idea of just giving somebody money like that when it doesn’t seem like it will ever recoup even in theory.

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