Done Today, To Do Tomorrow

So the majority of the day was spent working on XO #5.  The layout is done for the proof, I just have to layout the version to print.  There is a minor art issue where the wrong tool is shown for the car repair being done.  I guess that’s what I get for not writing full script & I’ll deal with it.

I was sent a link from our good friend Lisa Uber at WRSU about an ambient music site that had free download links for Northern Valentine on five or so different sites.  So I was inspired to do another quick round of requesting removal of the Silber catalog from various hosts.  One of the sites actually said how many times the file had been downloaded (it was somewhere around 700) & I have to wonder is the only reason they list that so I know how much revenue I’ve lost?  I wonder sometimes whether the days of releases breaking even has come & gone.  Also, does mentioning this encourage people to steal intellectual property or remind them that it really effects the ability of art they enjoy to be perpetuated?

I got a contact from a potential new comic collaborator, we’ll see if this one works out.

I’m going to be doing some stuff to try to make the comic pages make more sense for ordering.  This includes having a page where all the series can be ordered at once & where people can order future issues (only one in advance in case a series goes dead).

I’m coming up on the end of the quarter & I have kind of a lot of paperwork to do.  Also I really need to do a physical inventory as I know my numbers are way off because I just gave Alan Sparhawk some copies of his solo disc to sell while touring that contained around 300 (I’d never opened the box & it wasn’t marked on the outside) & things just naturally get knocked out by forgetting to mark a promo or two.

So I know I have some work to do.  I just need to get on top of doing it.

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