“I Drive Your Truck” & Dreams

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with the Lee Brice song “I Drive Your Truck” & I finally did a Remora “mecha style” cover.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m riding my sister’s horse on a mountain ridge.  Among the supplies I’ve brought are my paper cutter.  We get to a point where we’re on top of a mountain & all directions are too deep to descend from safely & there’s not even space for me to get off the horse without plunging to my death.  At least everything looks beautiful.

I see a guy I used to know walking through a field.  He’s wearing a suit jacket & pajama bottoms & talking on 1980s cell phone.  I think he might be homeless & crazy.

My sister calls to tell me she’s thinking about selling her house because most of the clients she works with for her job live on the opposite side of town.  While I’m on the phone she tells me the picture she had up of our grandmother fell down & landed in her dog’s water dish & was destroyed.  I start sobbing uncontrollably & she tells me I have nothing to be sad about, I did a good job.

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