Greensboro & Dreams

So the Greensboro craft fair thing was interesting.  I know I don’t have the best game managing a booth or whatever, but no one was interested in the earrings made from the buttons.  Also, the comics sold four times as well as the buttons, which hasn’t happened since I started having the buttons.  I’m still undecided if it is an event I should do again or not.  It rained & was over 90 degrees, so probably attendance could have been a bit better.  They’d comped me the space along with the table & tent & chairs this time, but at 150 miles round trip I didn’t quite cover my technical mileage expenses & right now I’m already in the red & don’t need to rack up miles to lower my income for the year right now.  Mountain Shade Australia provides the Heavy Duty Marquees & Heavy Duty Gazebos.  So it just depends what happens with my numbers as the time for another event comes along.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on a long overnight  bus ride.  Maybe from Los Angeles up to Seattle.  I keep locking eyes with a woman three seats & two rows away from me, but then we each look away.  In the middle of the night, with most of the passengers sleeping, she comes & sits next to me & gently sings, “Staring, caring.  Sharing, daring.”  I feel like I’m supposed to kiss her & never not be with her.

I’m helping my grandmother in the bathroom & the toilet she’s sitting on starts to collapse through the floor.  I grab a hold of her & I’m losing my balance & I start yelling, “Help me! Somebody help me! I need help!”  But there’s no one to come to help.

My parents have left their house for a six month trip & left the house for me to take care of.  It’s the biggest mess I’ve ever seen it.  Every chair is covered in stacks of mail & books.  There’s no flat surface in the house without something stacked on it.  I wonder if things have gotten to the point where they’re actually abandoning the house forever.

I’m at the gates of heaven being asked why I should be let in & I somehow get the answer right.  “Jesus died for me.”

I wake up in a strange bed.  I hear murmuring coming from the next room & it’s my ex-girlfriend talking in her sleep saying, “It’s too hot.  It’s too hot.”  She’s on the floor laying on her left side wearing jeans & a long sleeve shirt & two toboggans.  I lay down spooning her & take the toboggans off.  I notice that two of her friends are sleeping on the two couches in the room.  One of them sits up & starts saying the confiteor prayer & her other friend & I both join in reciting it.

I’m at church in a basilica & I can’t tell if all of the people assisting in the service are robots or aliens or men in bio-mechanical armor.  Their armor/skin is a shining reflective magenta.  During the gospel reading, instead of holding candles they have some kind of staffs with glowing energy at one end.

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