Complaining about state tax laws

I got the distro order out today & I also got a couple new leads for other small distros.  Hopefully some of them will not only start to stock the material, but also pay me when they sell it.

So yesterday the law in North Carolina outlawing affiliate kickback programs went into effect (basically the law said that if (or whoever else) had an affiliate in NC, they had a physical presence & therefore were required to tax any sales to NC residents & send the tax money to the state, so basically every company has canceled all affiliate accounts in NC.  In a show of ultimate intelligence, NC has estimated collecting these moneys from Amazon/iTunes (which is interesting in itself, because are digital downloads a physical & therefore taxable commodity?) /etc. into their budget while there’s actually going to be a deficit because of not collecting  the income tax from former affiliates.).  I had thought it would get declared unconstitutional before going into effect (it’s cloned from a New York state law currently in the courts).    So today I started trying to change my affiliate status around so that all the money goes to a friend out of state until things get fixed around, but I guess a lot of folks are doing this & so the affiliate programs seem to not be letting NC residents change their addresses to out of state.  I need to look into just declaring myself a resident of a state without income tax or better yet, declaring myself a sovereign nation like I was talking about a couple weeks ago.  There’s totally something shady about NC taxes as the tax burden websites that supposedly list total taxes paid including income, sales, & property taxes only add up to what my income tax is & I make less than the state average income.  So that’s today complaint.

Alright, back to work.

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