So yesterday after two stressful months, closing finally came on the house I’m buying.  It’s a huge relief.  Now a week of trying to get everything moved in & getting my life in an order that makes sense to see if I can work more or less under the new system.  I have been having a real wax & wane over my hopes/plans for Silber in the future.  Some days I’m like, “Heck yeah!  Silber made a little money this week!” & other days I’m like, “What I made in a week, I need to make every single day.”  & I’ve read a couple articles in the past couple of days about people’s art being good instead of great because of spending more time running promotion than working on music & it feels true.  It’s been over two years since a Small Life Form release, three years since a Remora release, & almost 6 months since a comic.  I guess part of it was that the snow let me have time off from my daily grind this week & made me really notice the lack of income & the reality of my lack of output lately.

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