Behind the Scenes

I hope everyone is doing well.  I know I never blog lately.  Still planning to get back into it one day.  Anyway, some things are going on.

You may remember back in 2008 I was doing some stuff helping people with mastering their records & a few other things & after a couple years I let it fizzle out.  Anyway, the past week I’ve been doing a bunch of work on the next ten or so Silber releases (pretty ridiculous to be working on them all at once, I know) & I rediscovered how much I enjoy tinkering with other people’s music.  So I’m offering some services up again doing mastering & mixing for $25 an hour.  I just mastered an album for somebody & with the increase in computer speeds I was shocked to find it only taking an hour!  So yeah, I may be under charging, but I look at it as something I like to do using skills I actually have & it’s better than going back to work in retail (spoiler, this might happen).  Anyway, if you need help or know anyone who does, spread the word.  Here’s a link.

So as I said above, a ton of stuff coming up.  Seven EPs for the 5in5 series will all be coming out more or less at once.  Then a few other releases.  Also some comics (new REH & new Walrus).  & then a QRD.  So yeah, we’re working.  Hoping to bring more excitement to your world, or at least helping you to feel less uniquely alone.

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