Guitar Ensemble, Maker Faire, Kickstarter, Remora, Bottle Comics, & REH

So it’s been a long couple of days with a bunch of stuff going on.

So the guitar ensemble thing went fine.  People had a good time & I’m trying to think about doing some more stuff where I have songs with multiple parts.  The Remora catalog mostly has songs where there are two nearly identical guitar parts & a nearly identical bassline or a loop building to be more & more chaotic.  Also my strumming patterns are close to the same in every song.  There’s a reason for that.  It’s that most of my songs are for the live show & that I am not a good enough musician to have semi-fancy guitar bits or odd rhythms while singing at the same time & my loop pedals only work in a certain way.  But if I start to work more on recording again, I can write songs that I can never play live & make the loops using my 15 year-old version of Acid to allow more variety & dynamics in the songs.  I mean, I guess I’ve been headed that way for a while as is evident on Remora’s Scars Bring Hope & Vlor’s Six-Winged, but the guitar show really cemented in my mind that there’s no reason for me not to embrace the ability of my technology to do more with my music.  Whether or not it comes to fruition will be something we need to wait & see about.

Maker Faire NC was awesome.  I sold over $100 mostly in mini-comics.  I sold a Remora Zentraedi t-shirt to a gut who was one of the artists for the Robotech: Battlecry video game.  I met a girl who makes block prints that’s trying to talk me into doing some block print comics, which would be super cool to try to do.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since in the 1990s when the one girl who did the zine Thistle (not Katie, the other girl) did either a block print or linocut comic.  Anyway, this girl has a laser cutter so you just deliver the image & it makes the blocks, which is sort of awesome.  But I’m also torn about it because it seems like that kind of makes it not be the real deal.  So yeah, there you go.

So there were a couple weird things for me personally at Maker Faire.  There was this woman who wanted a fun & happy comic.  I realized I don’t have anything that’s like that unless you think XO is fun & happy.  So maybe I should try & do that, right a fun comic.  I have no idea if I can.  Also, I haven’t needed to be that “on” for ten hours in a long time.  During the whole event there might have been ten minutes where I wasn’t talking to someone that was at my table (aside from the time it took to setup, play, & teardown from the Small Life Form performance).  It reminded me of working retail & making that fun outward appearance for that long just wore me out & I slept for eleven hours afterwards instead of my normal six.  I haven’t worked a job dealing with the public since 1998 & I forgot how much it doesn’t jive with my personality type.  I’d also like to give a special shout out to Kirk Adam who helped me run my table for the first half of the day.  He probably made more of the sales than I did.

I did a “soft launch” for the Bottle Comics Kickstarter.  So I haven’t run publicity yet on it.  I haven’t got final images up or anything yet, but you can go ahead & check it out.  I also got in the art for Joe Badon’s Bottle Comic & he did this little video of him working on it.

In other comic news, I printed up the first batch of REH #4.  Also, people with subscriptions will be getting three comics mailed out to them this week.

I just found out there’s another band going by Remora again, only this time as Rémora.  I can’t find out anything about them other than that they have a show listed on SongKick (listed next to a show I did with Landing maybe ten years ago).  When I Google them I just find my own stuff.  I think they might be the same band from Ohio that’s been around on & off for six years now (forming the same year I played Ohio a dozen times).

In other Remora news, the new CD is officially out on Fluttery thought the order thing is still only working through Bandcamp at this point.  Anyway, there’s this related video I made about my grandma.  It’s kinda unwatchable & is all talking heads & crying & I’m not sure how comfortable I am with people watching it.  So I’m just going to put a link to it on YouTube instead of embedding it.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you forgot about the part in your songs where you play the same chord but bend a string