Plans & Dreams

So the most of the day today was just working on assembling comics & varnishing boxes.  I have less than a dozen comics to go for my goal of what I’ll have on sale for Saturday & hopefully this next coat of varnish will get me to a level where I am satisfied with them.

I also got some stuff done for printing up REH #4 which I should finish tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the guitar ensemble performance & then Saturday is Maker Faire NC.  After that I have a bunch of things lined up that I need to work on.  I already shot a couple videos for the Kickstarter projects & I need to set those up.  I have over a dozen interviews received for the next QRD guitarist special.  I have three comic scripts ready to be laid out for artists.  I have to write the press release up for the record with my son.  I have to get the Promute disc set up for download.  Fill out a ton of forms for some music placements.  After all that I need to send out the newsletter that is over a month late to tell people about all these things.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m living with my buddy Don after the apocalypse.  The house is boarded up pretty secure, the only way in or out is through one window.  Someone is trying to pry open one of the windows & I bang on it with the butt of a rifle & they run off.  Then I see someone pulling shit out of the pickup truck we have parked outside.  Don is already out the window chasing the guy.  I jump out the window & the guy trips & falls on the jumper cables he was trying to steal.  I roll him on his back & kneel down on him with my knees pinning him down at the shoulders & I’m hitting him in the head so hard it hurts my hands.  I call to Don to siphon some gas out of the truck.  I pull the guys shirt up covering his bleeding face & when Don gets back I pour the gas on the shirt.  I’m standing over him for about 15 seconds with matches in my hand.  I say, “Consider yourself blessed,” & kick him in the ribs & go back in rather than setting him on fire.

I have a show for some religious event & it’s the first time I’ve been legitimately nervous about a show in years.  There’s something wrong with my guitar & it won’t stay in tune at all, maybe the temperature difference between onstage & backstage.  I don’t want to embarrass myself like this even if no one is watching.

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