Buttons & Ebooks

So I did an interview about Kickstarter & my current button project on there today for a podcast that will go live in a week or two.  It’s nice to be noticed & recognized.

I worked up the rigs for doing earring backs for the buttons I sell.  I have a craft fair event in Greensboro tomorrow, so I’ll see if I am able to sell them or if it was an idea that doesn’t quite work.  At least the investment was only $3 or so.

I finally made the PDF version for the Brian Hearts Katherine book.  So I guess that I’ll need to add it to my catalog of ebooks that I may one day sell in the future.  I did a brief cruise on Kickstarter looking at book oriented projects (for the dream diary & such) & it didn’t seem like too many are successful.  I might need to do some more research….

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