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Today I got contacted by a guy who paid to rent a club for an afternoon during SXSW & wanted me to pay $500 to have a band play on the bill.  I’m sure he’ll find people willing to do it & maybe he doesn’t even realize how crappy it is (he’s based out of Chicago & who knows if he even has ever been to SXSW).  This pay to play thing is crazy, especially when a band is probably already losing $1000 by going on tour between gas/food/lodging/lost wages.  I assume the venue is more to blame than the promoter dude or even more so just the current culture of music being beyond free into something you are paid to sit through.

Tomorrow is my big day of taking off to go on tour as a merchandiser.  I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’ll take my computer on the road.  I’m thinking of not having it & being completely unplugged for the first time in a couple years.  I wonder if anyone will notice?  Hopefully it will help me to spend less time on the internet & more time actually creating content on my return.

The new Remora got passed by the label I thought was going to put it out.  Kinda down about it.  I sent it to four other labels to see if there’s any interest elsewhere & if not I guess it will be on Silber.  If you know of a label that you think would be interested in a minimalist christian feedback drone album, let me know.

In other Remora news, I sent out to some video bloggers & some cover song bloggers about the car insurance song thing.  We’ll see if anyone posts about it.

So I mailed out to the people who write the blogs I track to make the comic newsfeed on the blogoverse page letting them know it exists an offering them an adswap & I got back a hate mail from one of the dudes.  Well, glad I didn’t contact him asking if he wanted to review one of my comics or I’m sure it would’ve been even worse.

I went to try to bottle some of my mead today & it was nowhere near ripe enough to bottle unless I wanted to have some explosions again.  I don’t understand exactly what’s up as I would’ve thought it would be ready, but the hydrometer said it had only converted 2% of the sugar over so far.  Maybe it has to do with temperature or something.  At least it’s one less thing to do on a day where I’m short on time.

I designed some little paper boxes to fit my puzzle boxes in.  I feel it will make them come across as a little bit classier or at least less ghetto.  I was also realizing I could do some where I paint the blocks copper & try to sell them as “steampunk” puzzle boxes at a higher price.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in eastern Europe with my friend Jeremy (who has a Lando Calrissian mustache for some reason) & a couple of girls that I don’t know.  We’re in a rowboat on a stream in the woods & Jeremy stears the boat to go in a stream in a cave.  He says it’ll be fun because it’s like a maze in there.  It’s 100% black & I can’t quite figure out if this is part of a horror movie, the 1980s computer RPG Wizardy, a John Carter of Mars book, or my actual fucking life.

I’m on a road trip with Mitt Romney & I’m waiting for him to lighten up.  When the guy gets out of bed he’s already in his suit with his hair sculpted.  We pull off the highway & go to a gas station that has a diner on it that has pretty incredible fresh made donuts & he’s saying he doesn’t want to eat donuts because they’re too sweet, but I finally get him to break down & eat a fucking donut.  While we’re sitting there he comments on a couple of jelly beans that have fallen off of someone’s crazy donut (they have those kind of toppings on some of them) & that someone could fall & get hurt on them.  I reach down & pick them up to go throw them away & he says that it’s not my job.  I tell him it needs to be done & it’s just as well I do it as somebody else.  I walk off looking for the bathroom to throw the jelly beans away in a trashcan, but I can’t find the bathroom

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3 Responses to Scams, Tour, Remora, Puzzle Boxes, Blogoverse, Mead, Dreams

  1. N. says:

    Uhm… what about Under The Spire Recordings or Denovali Records?

  2. Lullabier says:

    My album has been put out by Silentes (, but the label is focused on ambient and drone music…You should try to contact them IMHO