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I haven’t been paying attention for a while, too busy working on stuff.  I found this next paragraph as a saved blog entry that I didn’t finish typing up last week.

So there was this discussion about copyright infringement on Facebook that went into donation releases for a second.  I crunched the numbers & we’re at over 380,000 downloads from our free/donation only releases.  It’s pretty incredible.  At the same time it kinda sucks because we’ve only gotten a couple hundred dollars in donations.

Anyway, the Small Life Form show for Experimental Xmas in Greensboro went pretty well.  Though the Clang Quartet set that evening was absolutely stellar.  I got some photos (I’ll probably just put them on Facebook), but my video camera batteries had gone bad (those rechargeable batteries seem to drain completely left in the camera for a couple weeks, even unused) & I didn’t bring my recorder, so no audio.

Been working trying to get some more things done for finishing up the comics I did last month & this month is slipping away too fast.  Guess that’s how things tend to go.

Working things up for the Drekka Soundsystem release for the 5 in 5 series & doing some audio engineering work today.  We’ll see how it goes.

Trying to get the new issue of Just A Man laid out today & start printing out the comics to send out to subscribers.  A lot of work to do these days….

Here’s a Christmas song from Jon DeRosa (Aarktica):

Here’s a random track from mwvm:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I wake up next to my girlfriend in an emergency shelter & we decide to go outside in the woods to make out.  I’m walking a few feet behind her & my body starts to feel lighter & lighter.  The moment I notice my feet are off the ground I feel hands grab my ankles & turn me upside down & upwards.  I’m trying to scream for help, but I can’t get the words out. I start flailing my arms trying to get breath into me & eventually I get a scream out from 25 feet above the ground & there’s nothing she can do anyway.

I’m on a train with a group of revolutionaries planning to blow up a bridge because they think a train is most free when it’s off the tracks.  I’m not sure that they are right.

It’s so hot in the church that I take my shirt off.  I forget that I have it off until I’m getting in line for communion.  When I get to the priest I recognize him.  He’s a dead man.  I fall to my knees to receive the body of Christ.

I’m hungry & I put in a piece of gum to hold me over & I keep putting more pieces in as I get hungrier & hungrier until I have a ball of gum so big I can’t chew it or even spit it out.  I’m going to choke & die.

At a comic shop I find a copy of Avengers #200 for a quarter & I buy it for Nick Marino.

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  1. the girl says:

    you forgot the part about how your dreams woke me up and i woke you by throwing my entire body across you to hold you down!