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I played guitar a bit today, but because I wanted to try to come up with some creative parts I tried playing it left-handed instead.  I’m thinking about borrowing one of my friend Darin’s left-handed guitars for a month to see what happens.

Uploaded Thorn1 for getting it on iTunes & all that.  I guess I should’ve done that quite a while ago as it takes six weeks to go up & so will only be available through Silber for that time.  Need to go ahead & put up the parts of the back catalog that aren’t up on it yet as well.

I got a bunch of the promo messages out today for Thorn1 & 30 Seconds of Time.  Looks like the first wave of promo on those I will finish by Tuesday.  We’ll see what happens as it does seem like not only has there’s been a decline in sales, but even a decline in interest from reviewers.  I like to think that’s not just with Silber.

Submitted Vlor for another music library.  I really feel like Vlor has a lot of potential for placements in film, but I haven’t caught my lightning in a bottle yet.

On all of my MySpace accounts I added a line to contact me via email.  Because I imagine that since I hate the redesign I am going to end up visiting it about as often as I do Reverbnation & Bebo & Hi5 & Orkut & such.

Spent most of the day working on this blog.  I put in all the entries from when the equivalent of a blog was the news page.  The blog started working funny now.  So who knows what is going on….

Last Night’s Dreams
Recording an album in an empty ranch house with a band for which I just play guitar.  I’m trying to put mics on my amp, but the amp I have is my Quantum (a 4 inch speaker) so it’s hard to get two positioned well.  Interestingly enough I have one of the mics going into a splitter with one channel out to record & the other into a volume pedal & feeding back into the amp.  I look at the other guitarist’s rig & he’s using one of those big Fender Twins.  I’m not going to be able to hear myself….

I’m working on an album that is a cappella duets recorded in my car.  It’s a great way to set up cheap dates with girls.  I’m not sure who the girl is in the car with me & I don’t know the word or melody to the song, but it is called “I Like Your Smile.”

I’m in a record store & I find a used copy of the second Bleak record that was supposedly lost when David Galas’s computer crashed in the 1990s.

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