Figures/Remora/Intern Update

So the latest episode of Cerebus TV had Dave Sim reading from his guide to self-publishing including the passage that made me start this blog.  He talks about making something to hold yourself accountable for the work you do to maintain momentum.  He uses a calendar, I use this blog.  But it’s inspiring to hear him talk about things like the idea that everyone has 2000 bad songs/stories/etc.  I like to think I’ve gotten to a point where I am creating a similar amount of good material per year as in the late 1990s when I worked on my art every day (there was a lot more bad material back then).

Worked on trying to make some Sculpey clay figure stuff with my niece & nephew & I was unable to make anything with molds that would work.  I know there was something in the mid 1990s where people were somehow bootlegging weapons associated with Star Wars action figures (because a guy I knew wanted me to go up in my attic to get some stuff to clone) & I wish I could figure out how they were doing it.  I never actually saw the things myself so I can’t even be sure if they were Sculpey or resin.

Got a half draft of Lost Kisses #12 done that I am really pleased with.  Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow.

I have this idea for an EP by Remora where I’ll take a bunch of the various remixes I’ve done over the years (many of which are unreleased/unheard) & just subtract all of the original song only leaving my additions.  So I’m going to be planning to do some more remixes if anyone is interested in me working on something from them.

Talked to Silber intern Ben Collins (who put together the White Silber compilation) & he & his wife have both successfully moved to Taos, New Mexico.  It’s funny to hear when people move to a new city how near or far they need to go to find things to do.  I’ve stayed in places where driving three hours for a show & other places where people won’t drive more than fifteen minutes to do something.  I’m not sure what I prefer.

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