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I went through my web stats for the past few months (I didn’t even realize I hadn’t had a chance to look at them).  The most interesting thing to me is that basically half of the attempted downloads for the promo folks of the new releases were abandoned/interrupted.  It makes me kinda concerned about the idea of doing digital downloads especially when the ones for sale are going to be even higher quality & take longer to download (100 megs an album for 256 bit encoding).  It also makes me think about adding streaming digital versions for reviewers.  I really need to look around at what other labels are doing about these things, but it seems like most of the folks I know are a step behind me on this front instead of a step ahead.

I completed the first keeper draft of Lost Kisses #12.  I found an easy & less contrived ending than the first two drafts, which is always nice.  It’s a continuation (in a way) to issue #11 & will be called “Her: Age 16.”

Tomorrow the Sarah June album will go out for manufacturing.  I’ve tried to spend a lot of time on this one & am hoping it’ll be a record that people really appreciate.

Also tomorrow will be the first batch of orders for 2010 shipped, which just amplifies needing to do do the paperwork for 2009.

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