Blast & Crash

Started sending off the links to the reviewers who use digital downloads for Carta, Sarah June, & the Aarktica remixes.  I’ll get out the radio blasts soon as well.  So hopefully the tons of reviews should start rolling in followed by orders.

Talked with Will Dodson (former music director for WQFS & WMMT among other things) about a bunch of things.  Trying to figure out scheduling for our basketball movie.  Pitching ideas to try to promote Silber & the new releases.  The usual.

Spent a few hours updating some radio station contacts today.

Got an email from Shane (Miss Massive Snowflake) that he won’t be coming for the deep south June tour.  Need to decide if I’ll do it solo or not.  I just hate booking lately as it seems like nothing I do makes people come to a show on a Monday night & getting crowds on weeknights is a necessity of touring.

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