Funks & Dreams

Not a lot has been going on.  I let myself get in a bad funk over trying to fix the Yahoo script.  I finally got something vaguely rolling.  I just don’t have the expertise to get something that I like to be the solution.  But anyway, I’ve still been lucky because I’ve had a crap ton of dreams lately & I’ve gotten some work done towards some comic stuff & writing some random vignettes like I did 20 years ago (see the past two entries).  More news when I’ve let myself get to feeling better.  I should be getting back on track for the work I was planning to do a few days ago.

Recent Dreams:
She says to me, “I’ll be your property, but you’re not what you own.” It feels familiar, like a song lyric I can’t place.

I’m walking the streets of a town I don’t know.  I’m probably on tour.  At a corner by a stop sign, half buried in the dry clay soil, is a harmonica.  For a moment I think about digging it out, but I already own enough harmonicas.  I should leave this one to be someone else’s prize.  Hopefully a child’s.

I’m watching a documentary called “The Doves Shall Carry the Work of God’s Spinners” about people in the Appalachians making yarn & clothing in the same way they have for a few hundred years.

I’m working in a grocery store stocking shelves.  A woman comes up to me & thanks me for being so helpful & then asks me if I can open another register for her.  I forgot how much I hated working retail.

I have a little figurine of Mickey Mouse as The Flash.  I give it to Joe Grunenwald & he tells me he’s been trying to figure out a way to steal it from me for months.

While I’m working a construction job a friend from college walks by the site.  I take my right glove off to shake his hand.  He makes eye contact with me & walks away.

I’m being auctioned off as a slave & it’s announced that even as meat I’m worth at least a penny per pound.

I’m trying to cross a river on a barge, but it starts to sink in the middle of the river.  I don’t think I’m strong enough to swim to either bank.

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