Engineering, Traveling, & Dreams

Okay, so yesterday recording with Phillip Palmer didn’t go too well.  A lot of problems with technical things  on my end that made me feel pretty useless (apparent electrical power problems despite using a power conditioner, recording software glitching out after a certain amount of tracks).  But today there were no snafus & everything went great.  We probably recorded the majority of the “hit single” for the record & it’s probably the first time I actually earned my keep as being a producer instead of just an engineer.  So anyway, a happy day to end the first part of the sessions on.  The first part of the sessions are ending today because I’m going out doing merch for The Independents in Florida for a few days.  Then I come back & try to knock things out.  We’ll see how many days it takes.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m milling around on the floor after a Swans show & Michael Gira is on stage putting his equipment away & yells my name & asks what I’m doing here.  I am shocked he remembers my name much less recognizes me.  It’s been years since I’ve talked to him.

I’m going to university in the mountains & they require you get a special driver’s license issued by the university to be able to drive on campus.  The line to get a license goes off the campus & a few blocks into a regular neighborhood.

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