Recording & dreams

So still working on the album for Phillip Palmer.  Pretty long day (around 12 hours with a couple meal breaks) of recording & hitting learning curves (hopefully).  Looks like we might only be getting a song done per day, though things do seem to maybe be speeding up a bit & the communication is getting a bit easier.  I do think it’s an experience that will help me with my working in the studio at least as much as it will help Phillip so that’s a double positive.  I think if I were to really try to record with people, I would unquestionably have to upgrade some things.  Like maybe run some software less than ten years old….

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on a trip with Mr. & Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island.  We’re trapped in a small town that I can’t really stand until we go out to breakfast & I see they have a deal that’s three eggs, three pieces of toast, & three pieces of bacon for $3.  They also have lima bean vegetarian chili for $1.19.

I’m on tour & Obama is having a fundraiser at an upscale bar around the corner from the place I’m playing.  I run into him in the alley after a show while he’s smoking a cigarette.  I tell him I don’t really want to talk to him about politics, but I hear he homebrews & I can give him a bottle of 27% alcohol mead (which means I must have upgraded to icing or some kind of super mild distilling) that I made if he thinks he’d actually drink it.

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