Dave Sim & Cerebus Interview Stuff

So probably a lot of you regular readers know I’m a Dave Sim fan/friend/ally/collaborator.  Anyway, he’s doing this big series of answering questions people post on A Moment of Cerebus & they’ve made an offer to let other blogs participate in getting questions from fans.  So if you have any questions for him, just post them as comments & I’ll try to get them to the right folks.

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One Response to Dave Sim & Cerebus Interview Stuff

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i didn’t know who he was until people started saying Cerebus! at me when i wore my Spermbirds shirt. Now it makes me uncomfortable to wear it cuz i realized the band name is written in sperms across my chest.

    Also, i never realized it was an ardvark and not a pig.