End of Quarter Work, QRD Work, New Release Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

So I got out the last of the royalty checks today which is always good.  Of course right afterwords I got my bank statement that showed me that CD Baby had sent me two payments for a total of $150 that they didn’t email me about so the royalty checks would have been a little higher if I’d known that before hand.

Filed my tax paperwork for the end of the quarter with the state.

Got a check from some of the corporate link stuff that is currently on QRD.

Did some work towards getting the next QRD ready.  Sadly less external pre-paid ads this time out instead of more, but that’s fine.  I know it takes a while to get things to happen & I have plans to help change that around in the not too distant future.  Basically I’m going to try to get some promotions companies & people who do advertisement bundles to sell the ads for me.  They would get half the money, so the debate is, do I double the price & give them half the money?  Have the standard rate doubled what I offer & when I solicit sales people feel like they’re getting a deal?  Seems like it is what I should do.

Still working on things for the next MySpace promo wave.  With the five releases at once I want to get them all done before I start anything so I don’t multi-mail people.

The Irata disc I need to scan the artwork of to get that release ready seems to have been lost in the mail between Raleigh & Greensboro, which is retarded.

I need to try to re-work my Google ad campaigns so that it includes about the past 20 releases.  I’ll keep it at spending $30 a month, just spread out even thinner.  I still haven’t really ever figured out how to track sales versus traffic (which I know is kind of important) to see if the ads are worth it at all.  But it seems like they could do something for people seeing the name around.

A lot more end of quarter & end of month work to do.  I might go to bed early for a long day tomorrow.

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