iTunes Help, Interns, Life Value, A Couple Other Things

Well, the Remora show in Roanoke went well, but I haven’t listened to the recording.  A little less well than the Raleigh show, but probably because I was a little more uptight at the venue (an art gallery with things in the $1000 price range instead of the $50 price range).  It is where I should be playing though if I want to make money, a higher profile crowd with more disposable income.

Lately it seems like a lot of people are catching up with the blog & calling me on the phone about my health problems (the numbness in my right side).  & I’m hearing myself saying fucked up things like: “Right now my life isn’t worth $20,000 to me.”  Which is just a nuts thing to hear out of anyone’s mouth.  I totally need to shift some things around so I have more things I’m looking forward to in the short term & long term of my life.

Posted up on this professional music job site about the Silber intern program.  Hopefully it’ll get me some more help running things & give some hungry young people some experience with what the music industry is like.  At least I envision that I impart people with knowledge & experience in exchange for free labor.

I read an article by Ariel Hyatt about how to make more money on iTunes.  Basically it’s about iMixes.  So I’d like to make a formal request to any of you that use iTunes to make an iMix or two that contains a Silber track or two (& since most of you readers are musicians, put in one of your own songs as well).  Thanks.

I’m going to be trying to do some remixes in the next couple of days.  Which seems exciting.  We’ll see if I actually do it.

I wrote another Casual Bombs (newish project with Katy Otto (Exotic Fever Records)) song today.  It’s funny because it’s turning into a bit of a Low rip-off band, but not ripping off the aspect most people do with Low.  Ripping off the way the boy-girl harmonies work together…..

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