Slogging Through

So I kinda got some stuff done yesterday.  I got a couple remixes done & sent to Philip Palmer for review.  I got a confirmation that the engineering job on my friend’s record I was talking about yesterday was “good enough.”  I got some work done for the ebook about my residency in Pittsburgh.  I sent out a couple thousand emails to bloggers about the new releases.  So you’d think I’d be happy with the day, but I also found out my favorite distro will most likely no longer be stocking Silber stuff.  Which is understandable as I don’t have any big selling hit releases & never have, but still kind of a bummer.  For the record, the main reason they were my favorite distro had nothing to do with the number of units they sold (lately my sales through them hadn’t been too good at all, I had a couple releases they sold zero units of),  but that they sent me checks & statements on a regular basis.  One of the big headaches of running a label is that you send discs to distros so you can get the music into stores & so many of them are notorious for not paying, but what else can you do?  Right now on the books at Silber we’re owed a little over $10,000 (which doesn’t include the $5000 in stock I’ve written off as stolen over the years from companies who went out of business without having paid me) of which I’ll be happy/lucky if I see a third of that money.  It feels like the scheme by a lot of places is to either keep the stock without paying for it until either (a) the record label goes out of business so they don’t have to pay for the discs or (b) the distro goes out of business so they don’t have to pay for the discs.  It is worth noting that meanwhile distros are getting screwed in a similar way by some of the record stores.  Recently a guy who shut down his distro owing me $500 friended me on LinkedIn & I thought about endorsing him in the skills of “screwing people over” & “ripping people off,” but I decided to just leave it be.

So I’ve been working on drawing one of my comic scripts recently & I’ve been pretty significantly altering the script as far as letting the pictures tell more story & taking out words.  Which I find kind of interesting.  Then, today I got a message from Jeremy Johnson about wanting to alter Marked #4 to change it from 52 panels to 40.  Normally I’d be a little, “Hell no!  The pacing works this way!” But since I’ve been working on drawing my own script I felt comfortable saying, “Do what works best as long as the number of pages is still divisible by four in the end so I can lay it out to print.”  I’m getting a little better about how collaboration works in my old age & embracing my spot as an idea factory instead of a great writer.

Last Night’s Dreams:
There’s this big pig that looks nothing like an actual pig, but like Wilbur from the cartoon version of Charlotte’s Web.  She has five piglets & my girlfriend is trying to pick all of them up in her arms at the same time.  I say to her, “I thought you didn’t like pigs?” She replies, “I don’t, but piglets are cut & quintuplets are adorable!”

My girlfriend says to me she has an idea about trying to sleep in a different position.  I ask her what position is she thinking about & she says one where I don’t snore.

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2 Responses to Slogging Through

  1. the girl says:

    just so you know, i have been looking up pot bellied pigs as pets for most of the morning.


  2. Peter says:

    The LinkedIn thing is funny!