Just been working on puzzle boxes & the bottle comics the past couple of days.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I jump out of the back of the airplane with the hood of a car to use as a glider.  I’m not sure this is going to work out.

I’m at some big western biker bar complete with mechanical bull.  A bar brawl breaks out & I’m taking notes on it on a yellow legal pad.  When I’m leaving the guy at the register sees my notepad & says I’m responsible for $2500 in damages.  I tell him I’m not & steal the calculator he was using to calculate the bill & walk out.  In the parking lot I see a golf cart go by & John McCain is a passenger in it.

I’m in one of those New York apartments that is smaller than a dorm room with Brian McKenzie & his sister.  We’re eating Eggo waffles for breakfast, but the toaster only has the heating element on one side working so one side is burned & the other is still frozen.

I’m at my sister’s wedding.  I think it’s in a basilica somewhere.  She’s re-marrying her ex-husband.  After the service everyone lines up offering congratulations.  When I get to her husband & we shake hands I pull him close in a half hug & say in his ear, “If you fuck up doing stupid shit again, there’s not going to be any conversation; you’re going to disappear & no one will ever know what happened to you.”

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