death & dreams

So I finished going through the bouncing promo emails this morning & two of the contacts kinda messed with me.  The sites were down (which of course happens with blogs) & when I Googled the reviewer names to see if they were still doing reviews, all the articles that came up were obituary stories.  It’s probably worth noting that they didn’t die together & weren’t related in anyway.  The other thing it makes me wonder about is if I died & there were such articles about me, would people assume it was some kind of publicity stunt like they did with Andy Kaufman?

Last Night’s Dreams
I’m flying home on one of those 50 seat ERJs & when I get off the plane & onto the tarmac I instinctively walk up to the cargo bin & start unloading luggage.

I’m on tour with Alan Sparhawk & while it is not after the apocalypse, it is after the second civil war that divide the US into smaller nations & decimated a lot of the infrastructure including the power grid (umm… the John Titor thing?).  He pulls the van off the road by a bridge crossing a frozen river & he tells me we’re going to be sleeping on the ice.  I ask him if it’s safe & he says usually it doesn’t flow too much.  At some point in the night I wake up with several feet of snow having buried me in my sleeping bag & I am stretching up trying to find the top of the snow but it’s too deep.

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