Keeping on

Most of today I was working on the Remora artwork.  I’ll be thankful when I really do stop doing physical releases with some of the headaches involved with that.  You know, doing the artwork in one program & then having it converted to a preferred program by a print shop creating slight shifts in placement & such.  So this time I’m trying to make it in a way harder to screw up than usual by not using any fonts (all handwritten) & all tiff files that can’t be adjusted.  We’ll see how it works out.

I got an email today from Johnny Chiba (who’s worked at CMJ for probably ten years or something) about how internet marketing is becoming ineffective for promoting music these days.  Of course the dilemma is how do you spread the word about a release these days much less sell it with how decimated the music magazines & record stores & even college radio stations have become?  Final analysis, keep doing things as well as I can as long as I can.

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One Response to Keeping on

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    based on what i’ve witnessed first hand. What you do is you start DJing at clubs/bars. People seem to be more interested in guys playing CD’s than guys playing guitars these days. It seems to be cooler to know the DJ at a such and such bar than to know the singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer of such and such band. Come to think of it, it’s probably cooler to know the bartendar at the bar than any band member as well.