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Yesterday I finally got the new Remora record sent out for manufacturing.  Which of course means I now need to get on the ball about writing up the press release.  I’m always torn about writing my own press release, so if anyone is interested in helping on it, give me a shout.

Yesterday I finally watch Dreams With Sharp Teeth (the Harlan Ellison documentary).  You can check out my review on Finally Checking It Out that also has some interviews with Ellison that I think are more revealing & interesting than the documentary.  Anyway it’s made me think a bit more about am I an enthusiastic amateur artist or a struggling/failing professional one & which is it better to be?  & where is the line between the two?  It seems that the professional artist class is slowly dying off (perhaps in part replaced by the totally bizarre professional celebrity class) so I guess one day the difference between the two will be a bit of a novelty.  I should think about more upbeat things.

So I was hanging out with Peter Aldrich last night & he relatively recently bought one of those $600 pedals that can do everything you’d ever want & of course he’s running into the too many options thing with it.  So he started approaching it as it only having the ability to be his three most important pedals & he says he’s much more satisfied with it.  It’s interesting how that works.  It’s a lot easier to push limits when you can see what they are.  Anyway, his album should be ready around December 24, 2012 (the day after the end of the world).

I sent a script out to a potential new comics collaborator.  We’ll see if it works out.

Last Night’s Dream
I’m on tour for comic book stuff & I get to the city a day early & I have no place to stay.  It ends up my eldest brother has a room at the hotel across the street from where I have a room & invites me to stay with him.  When I get to the room there are over a dozen other people staying in the hotel room & they’re all drunk.  I’m too fucking old for this shit.

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