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While I was out of town I got some orders for some puzzle boxes & so I put those together & actually had to order another batch of blocks to be able to make them all.

Been assembling a bunch of comics to get ready for going to the winery show this weekend.  I’m trying to be optimistic even though sales were a bit low last year.  This year I’ll have some puzzle boxes & the wooden comic boxes & a bigger display table & the spinning comic rack.

Last night I decided to place an ad for QRD on Facebook.  A penny per click targeted to people who have fanned the Facebook page for The Wire.  I guess I probably should have waited until a new issue was up, but whatever.  We’ll see if anyone clicks on it.  I’ve spent less than $200 in advertising on Facebook over the course of maybe three years & though I doubt it’s paid for itself, it makes me feel like I’m doing something.  It did generate a thousand likes on the Silber Records Facebook page for $20, whatever good that is.  While I’m talking about Facebook, that’s the only place I’m running the “guess last month’s top download to get a free download” thing for this month.

In semi-related news, I’m thinking about investing $20 in Project Wonderful ads which to do will probably take 20 hours of research.  PW dropped both of the review blogs, but is still functioning on QRD.  We’ll see if it goes up in value, but right now it’s earned me less than a dollar after about a little over a month.  Though of course there hasn’t been a new issue up in that time.

There is some big stuff going on behind the scenes here at Silber that will hopefully start next week.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on tour with Alan Sparhawk & instead of touring in a van or car, we’re touring in a pickup truck.  Because of how many people there are we’re sitting in the bed of the truck as it goes down the highway & I’m scared of falling out & Alan is sitting on the edge of the truck playing an acoustic guitar while singing/screaming.

They make a movie of 50 Shades of Gray starring Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo from The Cosby Show) & in an interview he’s talking about how he made them change a bunch of parts because it didn’t align with his christian values.

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