Construction & Such

Spent most of the day staining boxes & printing comics.  Which is going to be most of my days for the next week or so I suppose.  Though I need to take a little time out to finish up my taxes & quarterly paperwork & I possibly have a music jam coming up & need to do some medical billing & master a record.  That sounds like a long list of stuff on the side.  But it’ll break up the monotony of physically constructing the comics.

I made a sample page where people can check out digital versions of some of the comics.  So all of you are welcome to go check it out here.  I also made subscriptions & the 60 comic box set available on the main comics page.

Over on Top Choons there’s a bunch of Silber stuff duking it out for the top of the charts – Electric Bird Noise, Northern Valentine, Plumerai, & mwvm are all up on it – so please go over & vote for one of them.

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