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Here's a collection of a few of our comics. Please go to  to see & buy more comics.
Built #1 PDF digital comic

Built #1 CBZ digital comic

A new series?  Maybe.  Built is the story of a robot fighting his programming & his masters.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Joe Badon.
Just A Man Just A Man #1 PDF digital comic

Just A Man #1 CBZ digital comic

Just A Man
Our story from the wild west.
Story & Words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Andrew White.
Lost Kisses #21 PDF digital comic

Lost Kisses #21 CBZ digital comic

Lost Kisses
I’m left with only one question: is the tragedy of the author’s life in this story fact or fiction? Either way, I applaud Mitchell’s efforts to tell his story through this confessional mini comic. If he’s fishing for fans by using the pretense of his “life story,” then I’ve been caught hook, line, & sinker.
~ Nick Marino, Nasty Musings

Attempted emotional accuracy continues in out flagship comic Lost Kisses. Note how #21 is a lot different than #10 (#11-#20 are going to be Ultimate Lost Kisses) & starts a weird time travel obsessed story arc. Stickfigure art & self-deprecating humor by Brian John Mitchell.

Monthly PDF digital comic

Monthly CBZ digital comic

So this is maybe our favorite book so far.  It's hard to describe without giving away the twist that the whole book is based on.  I'll just say it's about the darkside of romantic relationships. 
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Eric Shonborn.
REH #1 REH #1 PDF digital comic

REH #1 CBZ digital comic

An autobio style comic about Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan.
Words by Brian John Mitchell.
Story & artwork by Andrew White.
Small Art Series I PDF digital comic

Small Art Series I CBZ digital comic

Small Art Series
Small Art is a collection of paintings by Mitchell for an art exhibition in December 2010.  The words help put easily decipherable stories behind the abstract art.
Story & words & paintings by Brian John Mitchell.
Star #1 PDF digital comic

Star #1 CBZ digital comic

We're pleased to have our first collaboration with Kurt Dinse (One Year in Indiana).  It tells the story of a rock star trying to out maneuver his demons.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Kurt Dinse.
Worms #1 Worms #1 PDF digital comic

Worms #1 CBZ digital comic

The first issue of our claustrophobic tribute to Kafka & Lovecraft & teen angst.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Kimberlee Traub.
XO #1 XO #1 PDF digital comic

XO #1 CBZ digital comic

This one has the most elaborate artwork of the various series & I love it because it plays on the same kind of humour as TV’s Dexter.  It’s about an ex-hitman who’s trying to reintegrate into normal society. But wherever he goes, he finds himself in a situation that ends in him murdering someone.
~ Amy Greenwood, Broken Pencil

XO  is a former hitman struggling to stop killing people.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Melissa Spence Gardner.