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So the Mini-Comic Kickstarter is going to end in a couple of hours.  It raised/sold over $2100 which is insane to me.  Not sure if it means I should get out of the music business & start pushing the comics even more.

In other Kickstarter news, I was asked to be part of a panel about Kickstarter at SPACE.

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday working on the wooden boxes for the comics.  I imagine for the next week or two except for filling new orders that doing stuff to fulfill the comic stuff is about all I am going to be doing.  Then again I do have to do my quarterly paperwork & I need to do follow-ups with the new releases & I have a record I’m supposed to master & a live video I should edit & post.  So… who knows what may come up.

As you may know, I try to keep up to date on social media promotion ideas.  So I read articles about it. I read about buying instagram followers which was one of the awesome idea for growing presence and growing popularity of business or products on Instagram, Facebook.  I read one yesterday that had an interesting segment (meaning one paragraph in a twenty page e-book) on “signal to noise”.  The idea was “signal” is free content & “noise” is call to action.  So “signal” is giving away songs & “noise” is asking someone to buy your album or come to your show.  They said you should give five signals for every noise & in addition you should have the same ration & look at anything about your band as noise & links to cool/fun stuff as signal.  Which may be right.

Yesterday I got a friend of mine to write about my Kickstarter on Buzzfeed & it got picked up for the front page & got over 2000 views (which generated three backers).  What made his post rise on Buzzfeed is it wasn’t about “here’s my friend’s Kickstarter” & instead was “here are five cool Kickstarter projects ending tomorrow” of which one was mine.  Which I thought was kind of brilliant as a way to market.  Like the way I should promote QRD would be to post about my five favorite music interview sites & have QRD as one of them next to Quietus & TapeOp & such & asking people “what are your five favorite & why?”  So yeah, I might eventually do that if I get off my butt & get QRD back rolling again (the last try at it doing 200 interviews in about a year in hopes of generating ad revenue, failed from an ad revenue side & was a bunch of work).

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    Mega-congrats on the Kickstarter! I’m so happy it worked out like this.