grand theft swayze train

I’ve been getting further & further behind in personal contact with some people who regularly read this blog.  I’d like to apologize for that if you are in that set.

Did some work on Just A Man #2 today doing the separation of panels for laying out to print.  I need to start working on issue #3 soon.

Got in a nice little distro order today for some back catalog items.  It’s nice to see some of the old stock still moving.

A lot of response from folks about doing the Aarktica remixes.  It’s good because I know how hard it is to get things done & it should mean we actually get some good mixes in the end.

I got the beater snare drum & it has a wacky mechanism inside that works as a snare, just need to find a piece of scrap metal to use as a head for it & then I find out if my idea for a unique sound works or not.

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