Old Obsessions & Some Other Junk

Yesterday I finished reading a comic anthology I bought that was the first dozen issues of Marvel Comics from 70 years ago.  It’s interesting because there are some comic rules they experiment with & have really poor results (panel layout sometimes is difficult to read & individual issues are an overwhelming number of stories (usually at least five)) & other things that are pretty interesting.  Heroes kill villains without care or repurcussion.  A story with a plot long enough to be two films is crammed into 8 pages.  Nearly every story is self-contained or at most a two parter.  I have a few collections of public domain comics on DVD & I guess I should start reading them as I find them more fascinating than modern comics.  Or maybe it’s just my obsession with the idea that the high point of american art in all fields was between WWI & WWII.  Next fiction book I’m reading is going back to some more Robert E Howard, because we all know he is the best.

I got some more corporate kickback sponsors approved for QRD.  I also got a few more interviews & promises for interviews in for QRD #42.

Got some work done towards getting some of the upcoming digital releases ready.  It’s taking me longer to make it happen than it should.  I suppose in part because I’m a little scared of launching it, because I don’t know what I’ll do if it fails & I really don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the bands I’m working with on it.

Got the MySpace message campaign started for the PD Wilder/Carta/Sarah June/Summer of Glaciers show this Thursday in San Francisco.  Usually I don’t bother to do the MySpace messaging promo for shows, but I figure with three Silber artists on one bill I should do it.

I was watching Ancient Astronauts on the History Channel & they talked to Dr. C. Scott Littleton who I interviewed way back in QRD #2!

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