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Got the art done & scanned in for Lost Kisses & Ultimate Lost Kisses entries in the mini-comic sampler.  The mouse on my old computer I’m really not able to operate well enough to edit the images as I’d like.Got an email from Melissa Gardner & on the XO story for the sampler I’m just going to use some art from previous issues.

Scanned in the artwork for all the cards for the Silber ATC Project.  Less contributors than I would’ve liked, but I think I’ll do another set in the fall. I’ll have to re-work some things about it as far as how to get enough cards to not just be managing a trading service.  Because I’d like to get some out to fans.  It’s interesting that some people seem like they knock their ten cards out in an hour & others look like they spend at least an hour per card.  I’ll let you know when I have scans of them up.  Tomorrow I’ll assemble the packages so I can debut them at SPACE.  I think I only have two extra packs to sell, but I think about half the artists will be there.

Got an email from Kimberlee Traub that Worms will be slowing down for awhile while she’s focused on gigs that make more money.  Which totally makes sense.  I wish I could give her a check for a couple hundred bucks per issue, but as it is I haven’t gotten any mini-comic to make money after expenses.  Maybe after Dave Sim does his bit about me on Cerebus TV it will change things around.

I tried some more stuff for my “wooden reverb” & I don’t know if I’m cut out for making this kinda thing.  I’ve only had two successful solder projects in my life (both to a casio keyboard, one to give it an output jack & another to change the single note playback button into a foot pedal; of course the keyboard broke later) & I’ve probably tried about a dozen over the past fifteen years.Got an email from Bob Freville that the Hemo movie is getting the test pressing done next week (for those of you who don’t recall, it’s a vampire movie that probably has about a dozen Silber songs in the soundtrack).

Tomorrow’s “I still don’t have my power supply for my PC” work includes working on some questions for the QRD re-launch.  So I’m feeling like I’m getting some things done that have been neglected of late.

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