ATCs Sold Out?

I made up the wax packs for the ATC project.  I had already made a couple pre-sales & I just realized that after artist copies the series is already sold out!  Series two will be this fall.  Going to shift around the way it works slightly.  More news on that in a couple weeks when I have all the kinks worked out.Cut about 300 bags/sleeves for the mini-comics & assembled about 30 books.  I need to figure out a good method of storage for them to keep them in order for selling them.  There’s about 30 different issues of the various series now, so rummaging through a box for a particular one is getting a little old.

Going to try some work on my wooden reverb again.  Going to try some alternate methods than the original idea.  May result in a Small Life Form album if it works.

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