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Got the layout finished for Just A Man #4.  Just have to print & assemble.

Doing a lot of work today trying to get everything fixed & working for the website since the movie.  Running a robot to test for bad links & such right now.  My email broke down in the server swap, but now it seems to be fixed.

Hung out some with Shaun Sandor & he seemed to like my idea of touring with a cable tester & car engine diagnostic tool & offering those services instead of merch.  Need your check engine light turned off so you can get your car inspected?  Bring $10 & come to my show.  Want to check all of your cables to see if you have any bad ones?  Come to my show with an extra $5.  It seems like it would work better than merch.

Trying to figure out exactly how I want to get the Silber front page to work.  I noticed today that there is really too much stuff on it as far as how it is currently displayed.  It’s hard to figure out exactly what I want it to look like sometimes.  But I’m pretty excited that I finally got my drop down menus to work nearly in the way I want them too.

I’m feeling like I’m getting some things accomplished lately.  So I’m in a good mood in my own way.

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