New Server & Site & Buttons – Opinions Wanted

I feel like I got a bunch done today.  But then a look at my clock says I’ve been working for 20 hours, so that could be part of it.

So I got an email from Uwe at Dark Vinyl & he’s interested in stocking some of the Silber stuff to distro in Germany (I think the last order from him was five years ago!).  He also seems to have formed an interesting partnership with Black Magazine that I’m not sure exactly how it works, but it seems like he distros everything featured in it which is actually an awesome idea because it gives him extra knowledge & leverage for knowing what to push into stores (as I imagine magazine readers are more likely to be CD buyers than the average music consumer, so this totally seems to make sense).  Anyway, I’m really stoked that more of the music will be more readily available in Europe.  Of course filling big orders where somebody wants just a couple copies of nearly the entire catalog plus promo materials took most of the morning, but I guess that’s why I get paid (at least theoretically) to run Silber.

I got the site up on the new server & I think everything is switched over.  If you have a moment please go over to & surf around & let me know of any broken links or missing images.  The download store is still working after the move, so that is awesome.

I re-did the front page to have one wide column instead of two columns & have the twitter feed in the middle of the page.  I’m not sure I’m sold on it, what do you guys think?

Oh & I spent entirely too long making the new buying buttons.  You like them better than the chunkier standard paypal buttons?  They got little silberspies inside the circles.

I still haven’t heard from anyone wanting to help me make some kind of CSS of the banner for the Silber front page so I only need to update it once when I get a new artist on the roster rather than updating it through out the site.  Also on the drop down menus I’m looking for something less ugly if anyone has some code for that.

I’m thinking of changing the artist’s roster so it does it the way where it has it grouped by portion of the alphabet & then a sub-menu from there.  What do you guys think?

I’ve been trying to go to other people’s sites a bit & I haven’t really found anything I like & want to clone (I want easy to navigate, no flash, fast loading).  Anyone have suggestions for other labels websites I should go to for ideas design wise?

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