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A lot going on here at Silber.

On the comic front I’ve got two new comics finished (Lost Kisses #26 & Come Home Safe #2) & shipped out to subscribers. I wrote scripts for Walrus #2 & Built #3. I got word from Jeremy Johnson that Marked #4 is imminent on the drawing being done. Ed Delaney says Pow Wow #3 should be done shortly as well. At least four other scripts out with artists that should be done sooner than later.

Been working on the press releases for If Thousands, Electric Bird Noise, Feel No Other, & Slicnaton which is basically the only thing holding these releases back for so long. Hoping to have them up in the next week or two available for purchase.

This weekend there’s a full band Remora show & allegedly a full band studio recording session. We’ll see how it all goes.

I launched the Kickstarter campaign for the QRD Guitarist eBook & Compilation. I am fairly hopeful for it. We’ll just have to wait & see what happens with it.

There’s some behind the scenes stuff going on here at Silber that I think is going to result in us putting out more content on a regular basis.  We’ll see how it goes.  Basically I’m trying to bring Silber back around to being the community I once envisioned it to be rather than exclusively my show as far as doing all the labor & feeling over pressured about everything.  We’ll see if I really can get myself to let go enough to make that happen.

Here’s a recent super minimalist recording/video from Plumerai:

Recent Dreams:
January 25, 2014
My parents are cleaning their house & they are throwing out a bunch of half completed &/or broken craft projects of my grandmother’s. I gather them all out of the trash. I know they are useless, but I’m not ready for them to be thrown away yet.

I’m in high school with Michael Wood & we’re gambling, playing dice with two ten-sided-dies (one blue & one red).

There’s a worldwide totalitarian regime that is ignorant of the impending destruction of the world. But there is a way to survive, hopping through a gateway to another dimension. The gate was built by bees & is in a dug out crawlspace under a typical suburban house. Under the house there are maybe 20 of us waiting for the bees to open the portal including a pregnant woman on a gurney (I have no idea how she managed to get down here). The bees open the portal & flood through & everyone goes in behind them. I’m trying to push the gurney through the portal & it’s caught in the dirt & too heavy for me to move. A woman comes in with a five-year-old child & I get them each to grab hold of the gurney & they take it with them as they are pulled through & I fall on the ground from pushing it. When I stand up the portal has shrunk down to the size of my hand & I watch it fade to be too small for even a bee to make it through.

January 27, 2014
My cat is moving into an apartment with me. I feel really bad about throwing all his stuff away when he died ten years ago, but I didn’t think I’d see him again.

January 28, 2014
I go to see Irata play a live show as the soundtrack to a demolition derby. I’m kinda shocked by how slow & boring the car crashes are.

I’m outside in my yard & a cop walks down my driveway carrying a sawed-off shotgun covered in mud & he asks if it’s mine. I tell him it’s probably my nephew’s. He asks if I’d mind if he checked my car & I watch as he plants & then pulls out a revolver from my backseat. When he starts to arrest me & goes into who he thinks I am, it’s clear he thinks I’m my neighbor across the street; but I don’t think there’s even a reason to bother to try to explain that to him.

January 29, 2014
I show up at a comic convention & check in at the table. When I go to get my stuff out of my car I realize I forgot to pack any merchandise. I’ve been way too busy lately….

February 2, 2014
I’m with Nic Slaton on tour & we’re listening to a staticy fading out jazz station. I say, “It sucks that I’m not a jazz player because when jazz players get old they become gristled & cool, but white people like me just get old & crotchety.”

February 4, 2014
I’m looking for some place for me & my grandmother to live. I find a furnished home where the master bedroom has a double bed in it as well as a twin bed so I’ll finally be able to sleep in my own bed without worrying if she’s fallen out of hr bed in the middle of the night.

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