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Got the layout done for Monthly.  Did some mild website edits about the new comics.  Printed  out everything I need to (with the exception of XO#7 which may or may not make it out tomorrow) & just need to wait & see what happens as far as assembling everything in a timely manner.

I ordered this little spy camera thing from Hong Kong today for $20.  I was looking for something small, portable, & cheap that doesn’t look too bad to use on YouTube & it seems to fit the bill, but I guess I don’t really find out until I start using it.

The new glow in the dark Silber buttons are here.  I’m pretty stoked about them.

A bunch of interviews are trickling in for QRD.  I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I guess after the comic book show I’ll be looking for some work to do.

Today my grandmother seems to have started to make the shift from using a walker to a wheelchair.  Kinda depressing, but I’m trying to be upbeat about it, now I can take her to walk around the lake.

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  1. JohnSmith says:

    I like to use the spy camera. It is so widely used and so popular.